Monday, July 25, 2011

grow family tournament of games

My cousin Stacey put together the first annual Grow Family Tournament of Games, and it was this past weekend. John and I showed up late because, being a Saturday, we had things we had to do. But it was fun once we got there! (And I hear it was even fun before we got there. ;))
Anyway, get ready for picture overload.
Here you go Liz.
How happy is this baby!
Um, I love when Jackson sticks out his belly like this.
These two were LOVING the hose.
I thought for sure it was going to pop on her. But it didn't!
I don't know...but I love him.
We played Minute to Win It games, and as you can see, Daniel won this one.
The cup game, turned into a relay.
John looks slightly terrifying.
Jan is hilarious.
No words.
Daniel made this one look easy. Just popped it off his forehead and into his mouth.
Three-legged races.
John's pants...
It was such a fun day!
The Roos family took home the coveted bowling pin, and apparently, it will be traveling our houses for the next year.
Ha. Love it.

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