Friday, September 16, 2011

I've been on the hunt for a house recently.
From Holladay up to Centerville.
It's been quite the adventure.
I found one that I loved, but John didn't think it fit our budget.
Admittedly, it didn't.
I loved it though.
I'm currently looking in Bountiful, West Bountiful, Woods Cross, etc.
And today I stumbled upon this little beauty.
Historic home.
Yes, it's only 1200 square feet, but it's also on a half an acre.
Room to expand maybe?
It has a two car garage, and TWO sheds for John to do whatever he dang well pleases in.
And guess what? 
It's in our price range.
John is nervous to even think about buying a house. 
He says we're too young.
I, on the other hand, get my hopes up too easily.
I just want a home of my own.
That's all. :)


  1. cute house!! I went back and forth between "you should totally buy a house" and "DON'T DO IT!". haha, it's a roller coaster for sure. May I suggest buying a house with potential rental property? It allows for quite a bit of flexibility in your budget AND someone else will end up paying the majority of your mortgage... definitely a good way to go. But, even if you don't end up buying, isn't it fun to just look?? I still do all the time.

  2. So fun, Em! So there's this really cute house in the neighborhood that I work in (right above the Mav on 20th) and it's a for sale by owner. I think it is the freaking cutest thing ever, and depending on your price range, seems like it would be a reasonable price. Since I am in no place to purchase a house (sad face) I wanted someone to know about this little gem! Good luck with the search!