Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day with the A's

John and I spent a day with the Salty A's out at Miller Motor Sports Park.
We took a tour of Larry H. Miller's car museum. Seriously, I'm extremely jealous of  his collection. I love Shelby Cobras. 
Everyone with an A there got to drive it around the track once. 
Funny story.
We thought that everyone was getting two rounds around the track, so the first lap Matt dropped me off at the first turn so I could get pictures of everyone coming around the second time.
They didn't get two laps.
Just one.
I was left, standing on turn one.
Luckily, this super nice guy in a golf cart came and picked me up.
He laughed at me the whole way back.
I was recruited to take pictures.
This is my favorite  one.
After the sports park we went to this warehouse where this man has over the years collected things from WWII. 
It was the most amazing thing ever. He had American, Russian, German, Japanese, everything. 
It was probably something we'll never get the opportunity to experience again, so..I took a ton of pictures.
But don't worry, I'll only post one.

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