Sunday, September 11, 2011


I was 11 years old.
I woke up, like any other morning, turned on the news, and watched the second plane hit the second tower.
I don't think at the time I fully comprehended what was happening, but as I sat at my desk on Friday and listened to a local morning show talk about their feelings that day, and callers' feelings, every emotion I had ever felt about that day came flooding back.
I never cried, I never had a reason to. But Friday, I cried.
So many people died that day, so many innocent people.
So many of our armed forces sacrificed their lives that day to save other people.
So many of our armed forces still sacrifice their lives today to protect our freedom.
I am eternally grateful to those people.
I know I will never forget the feelings I felt that day, and the feelings I still feel because of this attack on our country.
I hope you won't either.
God bless the USA.

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