Saturday, August 9, 2014

Elliot & Lexi

We had another Grow wedding this week. Elliot and Lexi got married on Thursday, the 7th.

Their reception was in Provo, and unfortunately John was stuck working so I was on my own. Lucky for me, Tom was also stuck working so Kate needed a date also and we just went together. 

The Riverside Country Club in Provo is crazy beautiful. Seriously, the view you have when you are outside of that place is so amazing. And there were so many people there, which was impressive seeing as half of us live in SLC! 
Kati told me when we got there, "Okay, let's find Samantha and Rosie, and take a picture." That was her only goal for the night, so we made sure it happened. And we got some pretty dang cute pictures out of it. Probably because we matched quite well. 

Riley was stuck at work also, and feels like we left him out of our photos. But as you can see, Ted is all about being the center of attention. 
We are so excited to have Lexi as part of the family, and so happy that Elliot found someone who is 100% perfect for him. We love you both! 

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