Sunday, August 24, 2014


This last Thursday (the 21st) John and I were so lucky to attend Wicked that was playing at Capitol Theater! When tickets went on sale my mom mentioned that she was going to get tickets for her and my dad, and Riley, Kati, and I all chimed in that we wanted to go, so that they should get tickets for us. So, they did, and we all went! Riley ended up buying two tickets, because he said he would have a date, but, seeing as his girlfriend lives in Houston, she wasn't able to come with us so we offered the ticket to Tom's mom, Drew. She had never seen Wicked before, so she was so thankful that we asked her to come along! We love her, even though she isn't my MIL, she's pretty much a sweetie. 
John had never seen Wicked either, and I was so excited about that. He hadn't really ever been to a big production like this either. We've been to a couple shows and Hale Center Theater, but nothing this big. I have been trying to convince him that we should go to New York, so I was hoping that this would do the trick. 
He loved it! He, like always, was more interested in the mechanics of all of the props, like the giant dragon, and how Capitol was built, but he loved the show. When we got home, I said to him that now we need to go to NYC and he replied with an ugh...does it have to be New York? Can't it be another big city? And I said no. It has to be NY. But he agreed that if, and when it happens, we need to plan on going to at least three shows. Which I am TOTALLY okay with! I've seen Wicked and Les Miserables in NY, but I would gladly see both again. Or Phantom, Mary Poppins, Mama Mia, or about any other show. 
I always get a little emotional when I go to broadway shows because as I tell John, being on broadway was my dream, and I never really even tried. His answer to that is, "You weren't even in musical drama at Highland!" ...I don't think there was a musical drama class at Highland. Just drama. Oh, well. I got married instead, and get to spend every day with my best friend slash crazy husband. 

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