Monday, March 8, 2010

true blue lacrosse fan...

I've never been able to use that phrase..."True Blue" seeing as I'm a die-hard Utah fan.
Except when it comes to lacrosse.

Between Melissa and Elliot, I am slightly obligated to support the Y.

I even purchased a shirt. Mel told me that when I go to Elliot's games I can just cover the "Women's" with tape. Haha, I think I'll just keep it that way, but thanks for the suggestion. :)

John and I love watching her play. She's crazy fast, and the best player on the team. (No offense to anyone else.)

John and I took almost this exact picture, in these same bleachers at this time last year, and we'll probably take the same picture in these bleachers for the next two years. :)

This is also a repeat from last year. Except Mel said she had to be in the middle this time, and we made sure that John put his hand around her (seeing as last year, he wouldn't touch anyone and the picture turned out awkward. haha)
I must thank Brooke for taking this picture. We didn't meet her until Saturday but she was nice enough to take this and was the cutest ever!
Such a trooper too! During the Colorado State game (their first of three that day) Brooke took a hard foul. This angry girl from the other team took her stick and wacked Brooke across the top of the head, and made her bleed. I haven't been a lacrosse spectator for long, but I've definitely never seen a hit that hard. Not in girls lacrosse, and not over the head.
Also, the girls deserve a large CONGRATS for beating CSU for the first time in BYU women's lacrosse history. It was a big win for them, and we were glad we could see it!
Love you Mel Nash.
We'll see you in two weeks against Pepperdine.
No red card this time, kay? ;)

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  1. that color is just awful on you em :) But way to support! I swore that the only way I'll put on a BYU shift is if my bro ends up swimming for them!