Friday, March 26, 2010

family pictures...

With Riley leaving in about a week and a half, and with Rach and Company in town, my mom wanted to do family pictures.
The only day that ended up working for everyone, was not the day that was working for Mother Nature.
We scheduled our pictures with Opie, and we planned on getting them taken at Wheeler Farm. Unfortunately, it was pouring rain; and there isn't anywhere inside the Farm that's lit well enough to take pictures.
So, needless to say, we were all a little wet by the end. But the pictures don't show it; not terribly. I hate the ones of me, but that's definitely not because of the rain.
Oh well I guess.

Noelle wasn't being the most cooperative child, so this is Ben and I trying to get her to smile.
It didn't work.
Afterward, the majority of us headed to Rio for lunch. And after being a butt for two hours, I finally got her to take a picture with me, and actually smile.

I felt so bad about this. I gave Jells this green coin, and at first she kept telling me that it was here eye. She then goes to her mother and shows her what she had, then to return to me asking me if it was "all plastic." When I said that it was, she told me she wanted a chocolate one. I didn't even think I was fooling her into thinking it was chocolate, but I felt bad when she realized that it wasn't what she thought.
I promised her a Coloring Book, which I never brought her. So Rach, be expecting a package from the Lawrences for her birthday.

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