Monday, February 7, 2011

happy birthday dirty d money

I just made up that nick-name...just now. I don't know how much Daniel would like it.
Anyway, Daniel turned 24 on Saturday and we were lucky enough to get to celebrate with him!
We went to dinner at the one and only TT and then headed to FatCats. We ran into Tanner there and found out that his wife works there, and she was so generous and let us bowl for free. Seriously, so nice of the both of them to do that.
Just me and the hubby. You know
The boys. They're all fantastic.
And the wives. I hate that every picture Mandy and I take together ends up being awful of me, oh well I guess. Something I have to get over.
It was so fun to get out with friends and actually do something on a weekend! It is something that I think must happen more often.
Sunday our stake changed out ward boundaries and we found out that we're becoming a family ward! WHOO. No more newlyweds and nearly-deads. PRIMARY, YOUNG MEN/WOMEN. Oh, I'm so excited. And then we get a phone call tonight, and John and I were asked to be CTR 5 Primary Teachers. I AM SO STOKED.
John goes, "A whole class of Noelle's?!" and I immediately knew it was going to be an experience. A great one, with lots of fantastic stories.
Of course, yesterday was also the super bowl. I am in no way a Steelers fan. I just am not. I would only cheer for the Steelers if they were playing against the Cowboys or the Patriots, and maybe the Broncos. I am just not a band-wagon person, and I hate that those teams are such band-wagon teams. Needless to say, I was very happy that the Packers won.
By the way, I didn't even notice that Christina Aguliera (SP? I DON'T KNOW) miffed the lyrics to the National Anthem. Is that bad? I also thought the BEP were entertaining, but I think they aren't that good at singing live. LOVED Lea Michelle singing America the Beautiful (and loved the new Glee last night), and I must say my favorite commercial was the Darth Vader one. I died laughing. What was your favorite?

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  1. Can I just say, thank HEAVENS you are in a new ward. That ward made me want to curl up and die and never go to church. I know we should've been better, but I HATED IT!!!! PS you can vacation in North Cackalack any time :)