Monday, February 7, 2011

photo class

So a little update. These are some pictures I've taken for my class. Ignore the black and white on the edges, they are for printing purposes and I don't wnat to edit them again just for the blog. Sorry. Feel free to share your thoughts.
This is the view of the capital through one of the offices in my building.
I took this while waiting for TRAX one day on campus. I cropped it to be elongated like that, I just liked it better that way.
Our little monument for Gordon.
This is the monument put up for the Children of Light at the Anderson Library. I added in my lantern from it to make it a public and personal monument. The powerlines in the picture absolutely drive me crazy, but as I learn to use photo shop, I will fix it, do not fear.
I am so obsessed with these tulips. I just love the colors.
And of course Dad's little tribute to the Motherland in his yard.

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  1. Very nice, sissy. I especially like the flag one. And the tulips. And since I'm such an expert on the matter {ppfff}, I invite you to strive to get the BEST shot without ever thinking about what Photoshop will do for you. Work your magic with that camera :)