Friday, November 12, 2010

cabin weekend

We went up to the Sorensen cabin with Mandy and Daniel the weekend of Halloween. Mandy's birthday is the day before mine so we decided that we should get away from the city for a day and go have some fun.
Of course he has his guitar in hand. That should be no surprise.
This is John's guitar. He drew that. Free hand.
I took a really cool picture of his guitar, which actually ended up not turning out so I won't even post it. Made me a little sad though.
We went four-wheeling all day Saturday while we were up there. I think we took every trail possible. John and I have come to the conclusion that WHEN we own four wheelers, he and I will always need our own because we both enjoy driving them way too much.
Yep. That's my husband.
And...I don't even know.
My eyes are open. I swear.
It was so pretty when we got to the peak of the mountain. I could have just sat there and looked for hours. Except it was freezing.
It was a fun weekend. We didn't do anything for Halloween. We didn't even dress up. Oh well though, I'm not a huge fan of the holiday anyway.
Thanks Sorensen's for letting us tag along!
PS...the jacket I'm wearing in all of these pictures is the infamous jacket from the birthday post.

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