Friday, November 12, 2010


Wanna talk about the biggest embarrassment ever?
"It's going to be the biggest game ever played in Rice Eccles Stadium"
College Game Day.
A season's worth of hype for a single game.
It's safe to say I was severely disappointed in my Utes.
I thought they could at least put up a fight. Especially after getting run over last year, by these same frogs.
But no.
Huge loss.
Three interceptions thrown by Wynn, and he fumbled. The worst excuse of a fumble I've ever seen in my entire Utah football life. And I've been attending games for NINE years. Watching them longer than that.
ONE touchdown. A single touchdown. Scored by my boy Matt. Which is under controversy...people are saying he was a yard and a half short, but I don't know how the refs would miss that.
Oh well.
It was embarrassing. That's the gist of this.
Well...not all of it. It was fun until the game started.
Sissy and I at game day. Woke up at 4AM, at the U by 5:30AM. It was a long day.
We decided we should make We ♥ Lee Corso shirts...
Then he picked TCU.

We tailgated with Cousin Eddie. It was the first legit tailgate I'd been to and it's the only one I'd ever spend my time going to. The people were awesome, the food was awesome, I loved it.
(Don't get any ideas from this picture. I'm not pregnant, just fat.)
Rebekah got a ticket literally a half hour before the game started. I'm sure glad she didn't pay outrageous amounts for it.
All the siblings that live in Utah were present at this game.
We're cool like that.
Um, notice how nice the weather is? Yeah..middle of November. Utah weather messes with my brain.

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