Friday, November 12, 2010

happy 21st to me

My birthday was weeks ago, but I figured I should update the blog with what we've been doing since then.

I am officially 21

And guess what? It feels no different than 20. My birthday fell on a Thursday this year, which makes it oh so exciting. I have class on Thursday nights, but I decided I had a good enough excuse as to why to not go.

John took me out to sushi, which is always my favorite. They even gave us a roll on the house for my birthday...except every time we go to sushi we get a free roll so I guess it was nothing special.

John and I rented the movie "Date Night" and watched it that night. I found it funny. John thought it was okay. I must say the Cabbie was my favorite part. He was hilarious.

Can I just tell you that I have the sweetest husband?

I told him about a jacket that I wanted that was for sale at the U bookstore. After I described it to him, he tried so hard to find the right one (with the help of Kati and my mother) but unfortunately for him, I had told him it was an Under Armour jacket, when it wasn't. So I set him up for failure. It's okay though! We returned the Under Armour one and got the one I wanted. I felt so awful because he had tried so hard, and I had told him wrong from the very beginning.

He also got me this super cute laptop. It's green. I love green anything. My laptop was super old school, so he got me a new one. :)

And these super cute black flats. (I also have them in brown, go me.)

Rufus chewed up the heel of my black pumps, so John got me black flats so I have at least something to wear to work that doesn't look so awful.

By the way, I'm getting those black pumps fixed. They are my favorite pair of shoes, so I refuse to just let them go.

Like I said. Sweetest husband ever. Love you babe.

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