Monday, November 15, 2010


Matt wanted pictures taken of his 4-door model A, so that his mother can paint a picture of it for him. He asked me to take the pictures, and it was quite the event. Other than the rain and the cold, it was fun.
Thanks sissy for letting us borrow your camera...again. I promise, I'll get mine soon enough.
This is the best one of just the car, in my opinion.
So pensive.
This is my favorite of these two. I can't decided if I like this one more, which is just in sepia..
Or this one, which is in sepia and has a soft focus.
Matt and his cig.

Millysa wanted some family pictures taken, so this is what she got. :)
I like the one with her glasses the most.

And last but not least, we celebrated Matt's birthday last night.
Jenny looks special. NBD.

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